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As HUHS is a comprehensive university, we make an approach to the fosterning of team-based medical care possible

HUHS is a comprehensive university in a network of Hyogo College of Medicine Group. HUHS consisting of three School of Pharmacy (Department of Pharmacy), School of Nursing (Department of Nursing) and School of Rehabilitation (Departments of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy) and four departments in a campus collaborates with School of Medicine of HCM, The Hospital of Hyogo College of Medicine, Hyogo College of Medicine Sasayama Hospital,etc. to provide unique an team-based medical care education.

General Education Center

The human nature for understanding a patient and the culture as the member of society are necessary for a medical stuff to offer the hearty medical care. "General Education Center" support the learning of the various arts such as natural science, the humanities, the languages and the basic scientific subjects.
In addition, "General Education Center" play an important role to fix our characteristic "borderless education system" such as a team medical subject and a joint practice (Early Clinical Exposure) for the students in four departments.

Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional Work (IPW) is essential for high-quality medical care. Therefore, we promote Interprofessional Education (IPE) in this university. Students deepen their understanding of other professions by learning about and from each other through 3 schools (School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, School of Rehabilitation) joint education program, and also through 4 schools (including school of medicine in Hyogo College of Medicine*) joint education program.
We set the acquisition goal of IPW competency. On the basis of this goal, students learn communication skill, concept of teamwork, role and sense of responsibility of their own profession, other medical professions, sense of value and professional ethics. They learn these step by step from their first year through their final year.
*Hyogo University of Health Sciences and Hyogo College of Medicine are in the same educational corporation.

Four-school joint tutorial class
Three-School joint on-site training
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