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Department of Pharmacy (6-year course) Admission Capacityr: 150

School of Pharmacy aims to cultivate professional pharmacists who specialize in the knowledge of medication and practical techniques to accurately handle medicines. In addition, we also foster pharmacists who possess good communication skills in a team-based medical care; a skill that is vital for sharing information with a patient or other medical staff in order to procure better strategies for effective treatment.
Through various curriculums over a six-year course, the student will become a pharmacist who will develop better communication skills and problem-solving abilities on his own.

Department of Nursing (4-year course) Admission Capacity: 100

The purpose of the school is to foster nursing professional capabilities including reliable knowledge and competence for nursing practice, and also ethics regarding the dignity of human. We focus on main essential  following
・Ability in making appropriate decisions and solving problem in the fields of health care, medical care, and welfare.
・Deep understanding of other people’s pain, agony, and the dignity of life.
・Ability to create and develop the nursing profession from local and international viewpoints.

Department of Physical Therapy (4-year course) Admission Capacity: 40
Department of Occupational Therapy (4-year course) Admission Capacity: 40

The school of Rehabilitation focuses on the process of finding problems →thinking →resolving promblems through clinical training at affiliated facilities and well-structured curriculum. We are fostering the growth of physiotherapists and occupational therapists being able to contribute to the various needs at hospitals, welfare facilities and local health centers.

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